The Challenge of Human Vocabulary

The Challenge of Human Vocabulary

Written by Greg Squillante  


Before you begin your on your spiritual quest, you first have to realize the limitations of human words, my PATH guide once asked me….

“How many different languages are there in the world?” My response was a weak, “I don’t know, maybe hundreds, if you count different dialects, maybe thousands”…

My guide’s answer was, “If there are six billion people in the world then there are probably at least six billion languages”.

I assume most of us can relate to a kind of vagueness in human vocabulary when it comes to personal differences in phrases like its warm, or cool or hot… Or something is large or small… or even what is beautiful (if “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…. Six billion different sets of eyes could give you six billion different definitions of beauty).

This problem of human vocabulary is even bigger when it comes to abstract ideas or concepts, and magnified even more when dealing with what can be the very emotional topics of spiritual, philosophical and/or religious concepts.

So keep in mind that there is bound to be some confusion caused by our different personal vocabularies. One should treat books, handouts, lessons or any form or literature as just a general guide to the thoughts I was taught and not an attempt to teach the reader those concepts (teaching would require in person bi-directional discussions, so that we could resolve as much of the vocabulary challenges as possible).

In summary one has to remember the limitation of 3d/human words, especially when one is trying to describe spiritual processes or divine truth, as my mentor liked to say, “Even though Eskimos go to great lengths to describe snow with their 37 different word labels for snow, it still falls way short of the universe’s infinite variation of snowflakes”.


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