Chapter 1


Wisdom from the POTEGP-Hindu Path, be a child with a totally trust worthy, loving parent/guardian.

Section 1

The First spiritual misconception one needs to resolve before they die is that ‘God’ is ALL Knowing, ‘God’ is ALL Powerful and ‘God’ is ALL Loving.

As a child I was taught that ‘god’ was ALL Knowing and ‘God’ was ALL Powerful and ‘God’ was ALL Loving and it always caused me to have doubt in what I was being taught about ‘God’.

This misconception is one of the main reasons I started on my own personal journey to try to understand spirituality or to find ‘God’……. or if I couldn’t find ‘God’, to at least find a spiritual or philosophical path that could guide me to divine understanding or enlightenment.

My problem was rooted in the question; “If God is ALL Knowing and ALL Powerful and ALL Loving THEN ” Why does ‘God’ allow innocent children to be abused and molested?”

“……If ‘God’ is ALL Knowing, doesn’t ‘God’ know which children need to be protected?? …..And if ‘God’ is ALL Powerful, doesn’t ‘God’ have the power to protect those children??? ……And if ‘God’ is ALL Loving, doesn’t ‘God’ love the children enough to protect them???? “

The first religion I studied had a conventional answer that I couldn’t accept…..“You can’t hope to understand ‘God’s’ PLAN” and the next religion’s answer wasn’t much better; “-’God’ acts in mysterious ways”……

Can I care about a ‘God’ that doesn’t care enough to protect those innocent children???

The next spiritual path I studied also wasn’t very satisfying; their view was that abused children weren’t innocent. They were abused because they needed to work out the ‘karma’ debt of a past life, where they themselves were the abusers.

It’s like the child abusers were doing the children a favor!….. By helping them work out a past bad ‘karma’ debt.

The third type of answers I found in my search also weren’t personally satisfying. They were variants on the concept that the abuse wasn’t really taking place, as this world is just a dream or nothing you perceive in this 3D world (physical world) is real.

The fourth type of unsatisfying answer that I came across was that ‘God’ couldn’t or wouldn’t interfere with a person’s Free Will. By stopping the abusers, ‘God’ would be interfering with the abusers’ right of Free Will (almost sounds logical)……..

Okay, but what about the Free Will of the child to not be abused???? What about ‘God’s’ Free Will to love and protect the children……..Or spiritual guardians or angels having Free Will to love and protect the children?????

I had no luck finding an acceptable answer or explanation in other religions or philosophies either…..until one day….when I met a spiritual guide that finally had an answer to that question that resonated with me, as a divine truth!

My question; “If ‘God’ is all Knowing and all Powerful and all Loving, why doesn’t He protect the children from being abused?”

His answer……..“Because ‘God’ isn’t all Powerful, he is just the most Powerful and ‘God’ isn’t all Knowing, he is just the most Knowing……..But ‘God’ is all Loving, so while he isn’t able to protect all the children, he does help all the children by loving and caring about all the children.”

WOW!…….Please tell me more……..He then proceeded to tell me about the first person one needs to meet in their life before they die……And the first person one needs to be in this life before they die……And the first type of life one needs to live before they die…..

So my first POTEGP lesson was the First spiritual misconception one needs to resolve before they die.

The First spiritual misconception that one needs to resolve before they die is the belief that….” ‘God’ is ALL Knowing and ‘God’ is ALL Powerful as well as All Loving”.

The Truth….while ‘God’ is All Loving, ‘God’ is not All knowing, ‘God’ is just the most knowing.  ‘God’ is not ALL powerful, ‘God’ is just the most powerful. So ‘God’ can’t protect all the children, but ‘God’ does help all the children by loving all the children.

My first POTEGP lesson continues below with the First person one needs to meet, along with the First person one needs to be and the First life one needs to live before they die.

Section 2


The First person one needs to meet before they die is an unconditionally loving and trust worthy parent/grandparent……or guardian.

An unconditionally loving and trust worthy parent/grandparent/guardian can help one become the first person one needs to be before they die.

Section 3


The First person one needs to be before they die is an unconditionally loved child, a child that can then be inspired to develop a Spiritual level of Trust.

Section 4

An unconditionally loved and trusting child can experience the First life one needs to live before they die.

The First life one needs to live before they die is that of an unconditionally loved and trusting child, because such a life gives the child a chance to experience/develop/learn a Spiritual level of the noble attribute of Trust.

By using the word label of ‘unconditionally loved’, I’m not saying a completely spoiled child, or any level of spoiled child, but the child should feel totally confident that they will still be loved, even when they fall short of expectations, whether the expectations are from society or themselves or even from their loving parents or guardians.

They may be lovingly corrected or lovingly reprimanded or even lovingly punished, but they should still and always feel loved and cherished. By living this type of life a child can learn the noble attribute of Trust, spiritual based Trust at a noble level or blind Trust.

What do I mean by the phrase ‘divine attribute of Trust’, I’m emphasizing that one should realize I mean a specific definition of ‘trust’ and not the commonly used definition for the 3D vocabulary word label of ‘trust’. The reader shouldn’t just use the common vocabulary definition of the word trust here.

I’m using the form ‘spiritual/ blind Trust’ to signify that I mean the word ‘Trust’ as defined by the philosophy of POTEGP. So what is the POTEGP definition of ‘Trust’ or Trust as a ‘Noble attribute’?

The word label of spiritual-Trust (Trust as defined by POTEGP) has two facets to its meaning as spiritual, the first facet is defined as the ability to self-sacrifice one’s own emotional feelings (a sort of spiritual level of blind Trust).

So when I say a person has spiritual-Trust in someone, I mean they would blindly Trust that person’s opinion over their own emotional feelings.

For example, you are trying to teach your child how to swim, the child’s natural fear of drowning can only be set successfully/lovingly/trustingly aside by them having more Trust in their loving parent than they have fear, the fear they are feeling of drowning in the pool, river or ocean.

Sure you can sometimes teach your child to swim by throwing them into the deep end of the pool………but does it also teach them to Trust?

No, it probably teaches them the opposite lesson, to not Trust! Now there is a need to teach your child there are situations or people they shouldn’t blindly-Trust, but that’s more about a second lesson, concerning developing the judgment of when to blindly-Trust and who to blindly-Trust, a child must first learn to blindly-Trust (develop a spiritual level of Trust) before they can learn when to and when not to blindly-Trust or spiritually- Trust.

The second facet of the POTEGP’s concept of spiritual-Trust; is that it’s also one of the spiritual/divine tools that enables a person to not only self-sacrifice their own emotional feelings, but it also enables a person to overcome or set aside a facet of  their ‘EGO’. The noble attribute of blind-Trust allows one to control or even over-rule part of one’s ‘EGO’, the emotionally based part of ‘EGO’.

It enables them to set aside the “EGO’s’ emotional input. The so called ‘EGO’ controlled base emotions……like hate, envy, fear, usually represented by the base ‘EGO’ emotion of anger.

A child that is so unconditionally loved by a parent, can develop spiritual trust. The child could then be inspired to live a life experiencing spiritual Trust. By living a life with spiritual trust, they would have a chance to learn and develop the noble attribute of Trust as a spiritual tool.

So, the First life one needs to live before they die is that of an unconditionally loved child, a child that could be inspired to develop the nobel attribute of Trust.

(The other responsibility of the parent/guardian is to help guide the child in when to have spiritual-Trust and who to spiritually-Trust.)

My first experience, in this life, of spiritual-Trust involved learning to swim. I grew up in a small town and lived within walking distance to the town beach. The town beach was a magical place for a young child. Across the road from the beach was a park with hills and ball fields, tennis and basketball courts. There was a huge grass area and even a section of woods with wild berry bushes and two giant horse chestnut trees, like I said a magical playland.

The beach area also had its own great attractions. First an attached playground with all the non PC activities, all the things you can’t have today in our law-suit-happy society.  You know things like monkey bars, ladder swings, swings with chain link supports, slides and see-saws, etc.

But the real attraction at our town beach was a raft; we were the only town beach within 30 miles that had a raft. I’m not sure anybody that didn’t grow up in the fifties can fully appreciate the magic of a town beach raft.

First adults never used the raft; in those days husbands/fathers all worked too hard to spend time at the town beach and mothers would have to stay near the beach to keep an eye on the younger kids and babies.

The older kids (sixteen and older) also rarely came to the town beach, once you hit sixteen you either were working every chance you got to support having a car or you were using the car to go out of town to the infinitely more exotic state beaches.

So the raft was the domain of the t’weeners, a rare space without parents’ oversight and also free from the dominance of the older kids, also with no little kids under foot. Being able to use the raft was a rite of passage, if you could swim out to the raft you were no longer a child, you were automatically one of the guys.

Of course the trick is ‘being able to swim out to it’, as it was anchored in very deep water, so the water around the raft would always be deep enough to allow  people to safely dive off the raft, even at moon low tide. So it took a pretty good swimmer to reach the raft and what was even harder, was having to also convince your mother to let you swim out to it.

It was especially challenging for me, because even though like all members of my family I had learned to swim at an early age, I had a phobia about deep water. (A strange ‘affliction’ I still have to some extent. For some reason when I’m swimming in relatively shallow water, 8 or 9 feet deep or less, I can ‘sense’ the bottom, so I feel comfortable even though the water is still over my head. But if the water is much deeper I no longer have the sense I can ‘feel’ the bottom and it is unnerving for me.

For example, I once went swimming off a sailboat, which I had chartered in St Martin’s. I had noticed on the chart that the area was 1000’s of feet deep, the feeling went from unnerving to near paralyzing. I felt like I could feel the water (and me) being sucked down into the deep, it’s like being in very aerated water that has no buoyancy, spooky.

So, as a child even though I was a very good swimmer when swimming in shallow water or parallel to shore, I was always noticeably struggling when I headed out into deeper water. No matter how much my older brothers helped me or even with my mother’s reassurances, I continued to struggle with maintaining my swimming stroke when I headed out into deeper water, the deeper the water got the more my swimming degraded to a struggling ‘dog paddle’.

My breakthrough came a few weeks later when my grandfather, in a very rare event, joined us at the beach. My grandfather was quick to notice that I wasn’t swimming out to the raft and asked my mother why she wasn’t letting me swim out to the raft. Since he knew all his grandchildren were good swimmers, he assumed that I wasn’t swimming out to the raft because I lacked my mother’s permission. My mother explained my phobia, and the way my ability to swim rapidly deteriorated in deeper water.

So my grandfather called me over and informed me, that he was going to teach me to swim out to the raft that day. As my grandfather wasn’t wearing a bathing suit, matter of fact he was fully dressed, he took off his shoes and socks, rolled up his pants and removed his wallet and his most beloved procession, a pocket watch from his pockets and entered the water to help me with my swimming problem. It didn’t take long for him to realize that I had the necessary ability and strength to be able to swim out to raft or even much further. He decided my phobia was rooted in a lack confidence. His solution was to tackle the confidence issue.

The third great attraction at the beach was the stone pier. The pier was constructed in the typical New England rip-rap fashion. So it was solid stone but it also had many large boulders piled around the sides up to the high water mark to break up the wave action’s impact on the piers walls. So the pier was only approachable in two places, at the end were large boats (like the oyster dredge boats) could dock and on the beach side where there was a ladder and a place where a small boat could tie up.

The ladder on the beach side was also the only place a swimmer could get out of the water and climb up onto the pier. The pier was a great for diving and jumping off, especially for the kids that couldn’t really swim, but could dog paddle the 3 or 4 feet necessary when jumping off near the ladder. They could then be able to dog paddle back to the ladder and climb back up onto the pier.

The good swimmers could dive off the pier’s end and then swim the 40 or 50 feet all the way around to the side ladder, which was pretty close to the distance of the deep water I would need to manage in order to reach the raft.

My grandfather had reasoned that I could build the necessary confidence for the raft swim by jumping off the end of the pier and successfully swimming around to the ladder.

My mother’s father was known as Big Gramp, while part of it was due to his physical size, it also was due to his character. This was a man that was more than life size, (and not only to his grandkids or family, Captain Tony or Big Tony was a deeply respected force in our town), so my having basic Trust in what Big Gramp said wasn’t a question.

So when he informed me of his plan, I had no doubt that I was very soon, going to be jumping off the deep end of the stone pier. Of course there was part of me that was also convinced that after I jumped off, I was going to sink like a stone.

My basic Trust in Big Gramp definitely gave me the courage to jump off the deep end, but it didn’t set aside the qualms I was feeling. My young brain was trying to process these conflicting certainties, my basic level of Trust in my grandfather was rock solid, if he said I could do it then I would somehow do it, but I still had the apprehension that I couldn’t swim in deep water. My basic level of Trust didn’t eliminate the concern/fear.

Then my grandfather proceeded to teach me how to have a higher level of spiritual-Trust, a noble attribute level of Trust.

As I said I’m standing at the end of the pier, literally ready to jump into the deep end of the ‘pool’/river. Armed with complete, but a basic level of trust, in my grandfather I had the courage to overcome my qualms and to willingly jump off the pier into the deep end of the water. In spite of my complete trust in my grandfather (since it was only a basic level of trust) I still had the fear. My basic level of trust only gave me the courage to jump in despite of my qualms as it wasn’t enough to make my fear disappear (for me to be able to set aside my fear).

Just before I was ready to jump, I turned to look at my grandfather for one last piece of encouragement……..I’m stunned by what I saw…..

My grandfather, Big Gramp, is calmly putting his socks and shoes back on!!! He then takes his wallet back from my mother and places it in his back pocket!!! He then asks my mother for his pocket watch, his most prized physical possession, the last gift from his beloved and bereaved wife.


He smiled at me…you have to realize as I watched this procedure my mind is saying…….“Wait, Big Gramp is my safety net; he’s going to jump in and save me when I sink like a stone in spite of my new found courage” (while basic trust will give me the courage that will let me jump in…..I also know courage isn’t really going to make me swim better nor eliminate my fear of drowning when I sink like a stone)…..“so armed with basic trust I have the courage to jump in but I also know I am going to sink like a stone” (a very brave stone, a trusting stone, but still a sinking stone). I mean I had trust enough to jump in because Big Gramp was going to be there to save me….

……Big Gramp was still smiling as all my thoughts from above were crashing into my sense of trust, battering my new found courage…..

“Greg”, he started to say, as he continued to smile……as he reattached his cherished pocket watch to his watch pocket…… “you have my word that if for any reason you need my help in the water I will be right there beside you, in the water. Don’t worry I won’t bother taking off my shoes nor waste time digging out my wallet or even undoing my watch”.

As Big Gramp was reassuring me all I could see was the watch as he was attaching it to his vest……I started to blurt out my concern….“but THE watch, the watch grandma gave you….. it would get ruined…..”

“Greg I know you aren’t sure you can make it all the way to the ladder, but I Trust that not only can you,……I absolutely Trust you will, so I’m not risking my watch because even though I would readily jump into the water if you needed me, I know you won’t need my help and I’m more concerned that your mother will drop my watch when she jumps for joy at seeing her youngest son conquer his fear as he swims without any help…..all the way to the ladder”.

That’s when I learned about a Noble level of Trust, the Noble attribute of Trust, you see before that moment I had never been able to both experience it and see it at the same time. It’s like a chicken and egg problem, you can’t learn it until you can see it at a conscious level of spiritual awareness while you are experiencing it, but you can’t see it at a conscious level until you know what it is you are experiencing (can’t truly see what something is until you have learned what it is), so until you know what it is you can’t recognize the experience…… that is in yourself……

And that was my breakthrough, it wasn’t that I was having Noble level Trust; it was that my grandfather was, he was having Noble level Trust in ….. Me!!!!!

You see, even though I wasn’t having Noble level Trust, I was still experiencing it by somebody having Noble level Trust in me!!! And since it wasn’t in me, I could consciously observe it without my self-delusion, emotions or ego blurring it. It’s much easier to consciously and clearly see it in somebody else.

You can’t imagine the impact of Big Gramp having blind Trust/Noble- Trust in the littlest of the brothers. Well the littlest physically at that moment, but truth be told I wasn’t the littlest in pride at that moment, because my grandfather had just made me feel ten feet tall. I never felt so loved or Trusted!

What’s the difference between my now having this newly learned Noble level Trust rather than the basic level trust I had before?

Well I turned around and jumped into the deep end of the river, I did it not only with courage but without any qualms or fear. Both levels of trust (complete basic Trust and a Noble level of Trust) were enough to give me the courage to jump in, but only the Noble level of Trust enabled me to totally set aside any negative feelings of failure or fear.

And that’s the power of a Noble attribute as a spiritual tool , the Noble attribute of Trust can enable one to temporarily set aside the emotional facet of ego, it allows one to self-sacrifice their emotional based feelings/thoughts.

(To be continued)


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  1. Maria says:

    The best gifts are those we give. What a wonderful illustration!

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