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Air in the Glove

The reason for sharing this  post is to set up a model and clear vocabulary that will help with future posts… The Universe is multidimensional and has more than 3 physical dimensions – this is  basic scientific knowledge.  If the … Continue reading

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow…(Part 2)

Before I go into tools that may help one find happiness, you must first realize the limitation of human words and vocabulary. The purpose of this post is not to teach a complete or divine Truth, but instead to plant … Continue reading

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Greg F. Squillante made his final crossing on Monday December 8th, 2014 (perfectly coinciding with the days snow flurries – no coincidences there)… Founder of the POTEGP Spiritual Guidance Center, Spiritual Guide, Mentor, Teacher Best Friend, Husband, Father, Brother the … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?: Unlocking the Brain’s File Folders (Continued)

Before I jump into how this information can practically be applied to help you with your day-to-day interactions, First, I’d like to review a previous posting by Greg. Human language is tricky. If you haven’t read Greg’s posting on Language, I suggest … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name? – Unlocking the Brain’s File Folders

While driving (insights often happen while driving or in the shower… will explain why in another posting) I noticed the car in front of me had a crystal prism hanging from their rear view mirror. Besides having thoughts concerning the … Continue reading

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