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External Code of Conduct

Serenity Prayer & Insight Continued… IV:  External Code of Conduct: Living Life allows one to develop the Courage to change the things one can change. Internal tools for practice help to lay the groundwork for learning, but one can only … Continue reading

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Air in the Glove

The reason for sharing this  post is to set up a model and clear vocabulary that will help with future posts… The Universe is multidimensional and has more than 3 physical dimensions – this is  basic scientific knowledge.  If the … Continue reading

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Lessons from the One-room Schoolhouse

Lessons from the One-room Schoolhouse When asked what one thinks of the archetypal one-room schoolhouse, you may conjure up images of chalkboard writing slates, a countryside landscape, or a small rural community.  You may picture one teacher giving lessons to … Continue reading

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Somewhere over the rainbow…

The Wizard of Oz, as both a book and movie, is a beloved classic. The film version is one of my all time favorite movies, stirring up many fond memories. For the purpose of this post, I am interested in the heart … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name / Unlocking the Brains File Folders (Continued part 3)

Please watch video | Lecture by Greg Squillante  For the seekers out there here is a short summary of this posting’s lessons… You can’t dismiss reality; it just isn’t necessarily what is in your brain (for example, when everyone thought … Continue reading

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What Defines a Family?

During my drive back from NH on Mother’s Day, I started to think about a video my mom had sent me earlier in the week, of an unlikely mother. I enjoyed this video for two reasons… 1) the cuteness … Continue reading

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Introduction for Paths part 3

  INTRODUCTION FOR PATHS part 3   ___________________________________ Hi, in this post we will be discussing the fourth part of a spiritual, philosophical or religious path (life philosophy). The fourth part of a path is its internal practice. A path’s internal practice … Continue reading

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