Lesson on Self Acceptance

You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

by Jenna Petersen

One day a little fern in the woods sprouted form the ground along side of a great tall pine tree. The tiny fern watched day after day as the pine reached upward and grew to a towering height. The fern, tried as he might, could not grow as tall as the pine tree, but rather, grew outward in a beautiful fanning array. Realizing he was growing in his very own way, the grown up fern stretched out and no longer looked at the neighboring pine tree in jealousy, but this time with acceptance that each is different in their own special way. The fern was happy exactly how he was from then on.

The day I began closing my eyes during my yoga practice, I grasped what yoga was truly about. Previously, I had been looking around at everyone else’s poses, comparing myself to others and placing myself as a “worse or better yogi”. I knew this was not how it was supposed to be; my mind was racing every class and I ended up taking a four-month long hiatus from yoga because it “wasn’t working”. After this break, I began internalizing my practice, focusing on my mental state influenced by the physical postures, rather than the other way around. Aside from a few slip ups here and there, I remind myself every practice:

You are sufficient where you are, don’t let the achievements of others influence how you see yourself.

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