Insight on Trust

Insight on Trust

Written by: Debbie Melo
 Everyone has heard of the story, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Day after day he would cry all over town, stating that there is a wolf attacking him. Day after day the towns people came to help him. But when they arrived, there was no wolf that the boy needed to be saved from. Then on one fateful day, the wolf did come to attack him. As the boy cried wolf once more, none of the Townspeople came to help him because they no longer believed in “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.
Now, what if the boy who cried wolf was you?  Complaining time and time again of some problem (or many problems) in your life that you just couldn’t fix. What if the town’s people were your loved ones, or possibly even just your higher conscience coming to save you. However, time and time again you complain that you need help, the help is offered but you never take it. Eventually, those who love you will stop hearing your plea’s for help. Even your higher conscience will be deaf to your plea’s.
What then? How do you start trusting yourself again? How do you allow others to start believing in you as well?
I believe there is a process in learning how to trust anyone again, including yourself. First you must realize that you are completely responsible for your own choices and the consequences of said choices. Secondly, you must take small steps in trusting that you will make the right choices. By making daily choices that will positively influence your life, you will begin to see the physical transformation of your life by these positive choices. Once you regularly make positive choices and see the change in your life, you can slowly start to trust yourself again. As you begin to trust yourself again, you will begin to notice that you can be trusted by those you love.
Trust has always been a very difficult attribute to attain. Through this program I realized that trusting others must be difficult because I do not trust myself. It has always been easy to complain and not commit to right action. I always knew that someone would be there to help me. However a person who is unwilling to change can never truly be helped. Through this program I am slowly learning to trust myself. I was held accountable for my actions. My actions alone would be the only thing that would get me to succeed in this program. Even though I wanted to give up more then once I pushed through. For the first time in my life I have accomplished a goal I set out to achieve. I stayed committed the whole way through.
A couple of years ago I met Jess for a spiritual session. In the first conversation we had I had told her how wonderful POTEGP and The Heron Studio is. I had told her how it would be a dream of mine to be a part of something like this. She asked me “How do you make your dreams come true?” I looked at her baffled. Two years ago dreams were just meant to be dreams for me. In time I learned that its all in those baby steps. Making one small right choice after another. Not giving up on yourself. Pushing through the discomfort in order to attain a higher level of life. Now, it still amazes me, but its true that “Dreams really do come true. It can happen to you.”
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