Insight into no unchanging self

Insight into No Unchanging Self/Who Are you?

written by Ashley Gallagher

The Phoenix is a fierce mythical bird that lives a long life. After many, many years it is then turned into flames and burns to ashes. However this bird’s life is not over, it is immediately reborn from the ashes to live again and repeat this cycle, making this strong bird the symbol of immortality and rebirth.

When this story of the Phoenix was told to me and the connection was made to every soul being reborn like the Phoenix, and that from one moment to the next any soul can change and be reborn as a better or more damaged soul, it helped me with my own interactions. I realized that the souls I interact with will not be the same from one day to the next and to have the expectation that they will be the same is wrong and will cause unnecessary stress when my expectations aren’t met.

This also helped me with myself. I use to think that change in myself would take away from who I was. Society puts such a negative tag on a person changing as you hear in rap/pop songs and see on TV. People take pride in never changing who they are and so did I. However, the world is always changing and to miss out on new experiences, make no improvements on myself as a person who be in denial that my flaws are just a part of me that can never change or grow. Realizing this all of a sudden made being against change seem very silly.

Every day, every moment is a rebirth. With each experience, souls have a chance for improvement or not. Embracing change is the way to make progress in life and to prevent the world from becoming stagnant. With each moment I change and so does every other soul even if it is in the smallest of ways, and isn’t that exciting?

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