Air in the Glove

The reason for sharing this  post is to set up a model and clear vocabulary that will help with future posts…

The Universe is multidimensional and has more than 3 physical dimensions – this is  basic scientific knowledge.  If the universe has 11+ dimensions, everything in the universe has 11+ dimensions. If everything in the universe is as multidimensional as the universe itself, then that means YOU too are equally multidimensional. So the question isn’t that you are more than a physical body: that is just fact. Instead, it’s about  the exploration into how can we know these other dimensions. How can we label them so we can have conscious awareness of them, so we can begin to know them and experience them with awareness of what the experience is….turning knowledge into embodied wisdom.

As a model (remember: models are not Divine, but useful within their boundaries/limitations in getting you to the next step/level of understanding) you can think of a person’s level of spirituality and/or conscious awareness as air in a latex glove. Think of the thin gloves you see in doctor’s offices that come out of a box, all scrunched together. In this model, the latex glove represents your 11th+ dimensional body/soul. The air inside the glove represents your level of spirituality or your amount of conscious awareness. The higher level of spirituality/conscious awareness the more air the person would have in the glove.

If you have ever tried to inflate one of the old style latex gloves, you would find that you could inflate the palm easily. But, from the gloves being scrunched in the box, the fingers and thumbs would have tended to resist inflation. So if one gently blows some air into the palm and twists the wrist opening closed, you may end up with a partially inflated glove where all the air is stuck in the palm and the collapsed fingers remain deflated with no air in them.

Take this state to be a model of a soul that currently has their conscious awareness /air located in the 3d plane or physical center (palm of the glove). Now at this point, you have a model where the soul does exist in all five planes or dimensions – The glove includes the palm and the fingers. However,  there is not air/conscious awareness in all of the fingers/ dimensions/planes of the entire glove. Meaning one is not aware of them, despite their existence. 

This model is useful to illustrate a couple points. With it, you can see that 3d (physical body) death isn’t death of ones soul or one’s conscious awareness. Using the glove analogy, 3d death is like squeezing the air out of the palm (emptying ones conscious awareness out of the physical body). If the air moves out of the palm (representing 3d death), we could now inflate that first finger (or thumb..etc).  The air/conscious awareness did not disappear, nor does a person’s soul disappear. (remember the other dimensions of one’s soul are still there, as the glove represents all 11+dimensions). This shift of air represents a shift of a person’s conscious awareness to the first finger, representing another dimensional facet of ones soul.

This model also works for explaining the cycle of reincarnation, or being “reborn into the 3d plane. Let’s say the first finger (spiritual plane) of the glove is filled with air transposed from the palm. The lack of air in the palm represents one’s center of awareness being in the non-3d/spiritual plane. If you are to be “reborn” back to the 3d plane or into a physical body, using this model you can imagine that one would squeeze the fingers of the glove shifting the air from the fingers (non 3d) to the palm of the glove (3d). And if you do not believe in reincarnation, the model works as an analogy for the death of your physical life to your existence and emergence of your soul unbounded in your afterlife. All the air/conscious awareness would remain in the fingers of the glove (non-3d parts) and be able shift to other fingers of the glove.  

Using this model, you can see that the essence of Self or the soul as eternal and one does not die when one’s physical body ceases to function. One’s conscious awareness has just undergone a shift from one dimension to the next. One might say that one’s sense of I or Self has just simply changed.

Remember that YOU are more than the three-physical dimensions. You are as multidimensional as the Universe itself. And just because a facet of you may die, that doesn’t mean you cease to be or have disappeared.  Your awareness simply undergoes a shift or change of identity towards the non-physical facets of self.  


You have experiences/effects that prove this reality, but often we mislabel these non-physical experiences or brush them off as “weird”. There is a difference between our perceptions (what the brain perceives) and the reality around us. This is what POTEGP calls the “File Folder” effect. (see file folder post)

In future posts we will explore more tools and lessons that build from this model… thank you for your patience!


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