What’s In a Name / Unlocking the Brains File Folders (Continued part 3)

Please watch video | Lecture by Greg Squillante

 For the seekers out there here is a short summary of this posting’s lessons…

You can’t dismiss reality; it just isn’t necessarily what is in your brain (for example, when everyone thought the world was flat, they perceived it was flat, but in reality it is round.) Even though you act on your perceptions of what is in your head/brain, reality still matters.

When you decide to start to deal with reality (both 3d & non 3d), one must also realize your perception of reality is controlled by this file folder effect. Your perception of “reality” is determined by what the brain is interpreting. Your mind/brain has certain inputs; perception of sound, taste, odor, sight, and touch and your experiences are filtered through these inputs.

Even when there is a sixth (seventh, eighth …etc, as many dimensions as there are in the universe, they too exist within you) input (or the non-3d event) – the mind will interpret it as one of the five traditional (3d) senses. If you experience a non-3d event, your brain will subconsciously interpret it and label it as one of the five senses or as an emotion or as intellect…etc. (Something you have grown up learning and are familiar with)…Unless you bring conscious awareness to the fact that your brain does this and practice not applying the file folder effect!

By applying this knowledge you will increase your awareness and realize that you have many non-3d experiences that aren’t necessarily “super-natural” or defy the laws of the universe. For instance The Noble attributes are non-3d experiences. If you have you experienced the process of Unconditional Love? Or Blind Faith? These experiences/processes are non-3d events. You miss out when your brain subconsciously files them under emotions, or intellect. You may experience the non-3d more than you realize, but you have spent your entire life re-labeling these non-3d events to match the 3d.

thanks for listening/watching/reading!


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