Introduction for Paths Part 1 B

Introduction for Paths

part 1B


Hi, I left off my last post at the point of discussing my personal path choice, but before I get to that……. Let’s remember these posts aren’t about me or my choices, but about what you should do…… or rather how the posts can help guide you in how to build or choose your own path.

The first decision is to clearly formulate your own intrinsic metaphysical belief. At this stage the only wrong choice is not making a choice or not taking the time to fully understand or clearly formulate what your choice means.

Again my own personal choice, more and likely wouldn’t be the best choice for you (actually my best choice would have less than one chance in 4000 in being your best choice, as will be explained in the last part of this post).

So what metaphysical belief did I choose?…..

Well, I started my life as a roman catholic, so I believed in an authoritative God (a theist belief) and I did make some spiritual progress with that path, with its theist metaphysical belief…… for a while. but I stopped making progress the…blurriness of that path made it ineffective at higher levels of awareness, it was generating more unanswered questions than answers for me at that point.

The concept of an ‘ALL powerful and ALL loving God’ just seemed too incompatible with the evil I could see in the world around me.

My inability to mesh a concept of God and the evil I saw in the world led me, at my next stage of life, to adopt an atheist metaphysical belief.

I again found myself making spiritual progress (or developing a higher level of awareness or a higher degree of freewill) with the path that my new atheist metaphysical belief led me to. My new atheist path was a village path concept based on learning self-sacrifice in my 3d relationships, a life philosophy based on science and loyalty.

But again, at some point I stopped making progress, though the atheist based path had helped me get to a higher level of awareness or freewill, the new path was still too blurred and my progress eventually grinded to a halt (I now know the dead-end was due to the my limited ability with the path’s moral code, code of conduct and internal practice), but the path did help me learn to be able to sometimes ‘self sacrifice’ my physical (3d) instinct of self-interest, it had helped me to develop a self-sacrificing level of Loyalty……. To gain a level of freewill where I could (at times) consciously set aside or control the 3d part of my ego.

But again as I found myself reaching a dead-end, I had stopped making progress; I was becoming aware that there was more to the universe and life than just the 3d. I couldn’t ignore the non-3d experiences and questions that my atheist path wasn’t helping me with.

So for my next stage of life I developed a deist metaphysical belief and yet again my new metaphysical belief lead me to a new path.

This time a path based on developing higher levels of respect through one’s work. Respect not only for the members of my community/ village, but for all of nature…… for both the 3d and non-3d aspects of the universe that surrounded me.

The focus of my practice was developing a higher level of work ethic… becoming a more productive and moral member of my community/ village.

This path again helped me gain a higher level of awareness/ freewill… for a while. The path had helped me gain a high enough level of awareness that I could, at times, successfully be able to both self-sacrifice my 3d and non-3d self-interest or in other words I had gained the next level of freewill, which enabled me to sometimes successfully control or overcome my physical and emotional facets of ego.

But again I found my progress leveling off, my personal deficiencies were still limiting my ability to clearly see the whole path. I finally got to the now familiar point that my path was again generating more questions/ confusion then answers…… for me.

So I, again, re-evaluated my metaphysical belief and with my new level of awareness I found myself choosing an agnostic metaphysical based path (this time it was POTEGP’s pre-sectarian Buddhism), but yet again after initially making new progress….. after gaining one new level of awareness…… I again ended up at a point where I wasn’t able to make more progress.

After following a few other POTEGP based choices, each leading to more but limited progress, I choose my current path….. my current metaphysical belief is a POTEGP based theist metaphysical belief…… I’m a pre-sectarian Christian, though my path isn’t completely the POTEGP pre-sectarian Christian path.

As I said my current path’s metaphysical component is pre-sectarian Christianity, but…… my current path’s moral code is POTEGP’s fourth frame based p-karma…… my current code of conduct is based on POTEGP’s non-pagan Druid path…… and my current internal practice is from POTEGP’s pre-sectarian Buddhist path.

I’m not saying my choice is the only path or in any way that it’s anybody else’s best path. Nor is my failures with any of my earlier choices of paths mean the paths were lacking, it was more about my short comings at those times. Each path requires different tools and different levels of awareness……. Even different levels of practice.

There are many possibly helpful paths, even in POTEGP, with its eight basic path choices, can actually offer over 4000 different combinations/ choices by combining one of the eight different choices for the metaphysical part, with one of the eight different choices for the moral code, etc. with code of conduct and code of internal practice.

The choices for a Life Philosophy are even more numerous as you can add in different levels of practice (path vehicles) and different life stages.

I know this post is probably too technical or dry, with lots of new terms, I will try to do better going forward, it should get better as I better explain the new terms.

But please remember the main point of this series of blog posts is not to teach you my choice, but to help you realize that there are choices and that sometimes one must adopt a new choice or at least take the time to clarify what their current choice is…. Develop a clear structure so that it can be used as a path or a guide…. a clear map that you can use to help guide you on your life’s journey.

I thank you for your hoped patience

Paths to be continued………..

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