Introduction for Paths – Part 1

Introduction for Paths

part 1



Hi, what is a Life Philosophy Path, as I mentioned in my last post, I will use POTEGP as a model to illustrate the structure of a Life Philosophy Path.

Please remember the purpose of this group of Path posts isn’t to convert people to POTEGP or to even try to fully explain POTEGP, but to get the reader to think about their own Life Philosophy.

You should take the time to think about your own beliefs in a well defined manner or develop a clearer structure. You than can use that clear structure as an un-blurred ‘map’, a tool that can be used to guide you along your life journey…… to fulfill what you see as the greater purpose of Life.

In POTEGP the term / word label ‘Path’ stands for a structure or a model, that can help someone to better or more successfully follow their Life Philosophy. A tool that can help better enable you to live your life in accordance to what you believe is the greater purpose of life.

Think of a ‘Path’ as a map that can serve as a helpful guide on your journey of life.

So what is a POTEGP Path’s structure?….. in POTEGP a Path contains four parts, its metaphysical belief, its moral code, its code of conduct and its code of internal practice.

So what is a metaphysical belief?….. well a metaphysical belief addresses four basic questions…….

First, what one’s belief is of whether or not a supreme entity or entities (God or gods) exist and if so then…….. Secondly, what level, if any, of involvement that God or the gods have in your life here on earth (3d life)……Next, what role, if any, does God or the gods have in your after life (non-3d life)……And finally, it can or should address the Big three questions of philosophy or Life…….. the original Cause (creation), what happens after 3d death and finally what is the Greater Purpose of life.

In POTEGP the question of what is ones metaphysical belief is a multiple choice question……. The choices are…….

A) The belief that that an authoritative God or gods do exist and they take a supreme part in either your 3d life or after your death in your non-3d life (after life)…. A Theist philosophy (for example the Christian religion).

B) The belief there is a non-authoritative super natural entity or entities that can be active in your 3d and non-3d life…….. a Deist philosophy/ religion (for example The Force in Star Wars).

C) The belief that there are no super natural entities …….. an atheist philosophy.

D) The belief that there is either no God or gods or if there is they don’t take an active/ supreme part in your 3d or non-3d life….. an agnostic philosophy.


What’s the right answer…….. or as my friend asked, ‘what does POTEGP say is the right choice?’…….. well as they said in one of my favorite movies ‘i can’t answer it because it’s a trick question’… remember POTEGP is the philosophy of the eight guided paths, on some of those paths ‘A’ is the right answer on others B or C or D are the right answers….. I guess you could say there should be a choice ‘E’…. any of the above or even a choice ‘F’…… all of the above…….

Does this mean there is no right answer? No, just the opposite, it means that they all could be the right answer, and there is always at least one right answer for your path.

The point isn’t what is the right answer, but what is the wrong answer……. The wrong answer would be choice ‘G’…. none of the above. The wrong choice is not clearly choosing a choice or using a blurred choice as your choice.

So take a moment or a day or a week to think about what your metaphysical belief is……. Take as long as you want, just don’t take a lifetime, because that could mean you frittered away the opportunity to reach your full potential in this life.

The other three components of an un-blurred path depend on your metaphysical belief ….. and even more importantly on you making a clear choice. Even a clear conscious choice of choosing the seemingly ambivalent agnostic based belief works as long as you truly and clearly believe it to be your metaphysical belief.

(If you need help or guidance in thinking about or understanding or choosing your metaphysical belief……. feel free to come to the guidance center…… for some guidance or help in understanding the choices……. This sort of help/ guidance is one of the reasons I have committed to starting a potegp guidance center…… if you are shy or too far away to easily visit the center here in southeastern, ma, send us an email and we may still be able to help you determine your intrinsic/ instinctive metaphysical belief.)


Of course my friend persisted, “okay greg, I get the idea there can be many paths to the same destination, and there is no single best path for everybody, but since you have already completed all the potegp training, what path did you choose for yourself?”

Okay I get it, it’s like saying to the editor of road and track magazine, I don’t want to read all your different car evaluations or all the car ads in your magazine, just tell me what car you bought for yourself…….

While I’m not sure how helpful my personal choice is…….. I will share it…… but I only share it with the warning that potegp supports/ guides different paths because people can be at different stages of awareness or in different life stages and the best path for an individual will mostly depend on those factors.

So before I share my personal choice with you, take the time between posts to focus on clarifying your own intrinsic metaphysical belief.


To be continued…………



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