Introduction for Paths

Introduction for Paths

Written By Greg Squillante, Abbot of the POTEGP Spiritual Guidance Center, 501(c)3

hi, I was asked the other day why I was writing this blog….. the person asking me was well aware of potegp’s position on the inability of the written word to truly teach new awareness.

So why am I writing this blog……. He was right, in that I don’t believe you can teach using the written word, matter of fact I don’t think you can even successfully explain or describe a life philosophy or religious doctrine using the written word…… so what am I trying to accomplish with all these written words?

The purpose of this blog is not to teach or to even truly describe my beliefs/philosophy (potegp- the PHILOSOPHY OF THE EIGHT GUIDED PATHS). The purpose is to get the reader to just think about their own beliefs in a more structure way…… to stop and just spend a moment to truly think about their beliefs or life philosophy…… to question some of their beliefs that they just either have taken for granted as true or the things that they think they are currently using as clear guiding principles but are in fact just fuzzy concepts that they haven’t really clearly formulated or really understood.

I’m trying to accomplish this by demonstrating a more structured approach that a person can use to question their current fuzzy/blurred beliefs. In potegp we use the term (word label) of a ‘path’ as a structure that one can use to help guide them, so that they can make progress to greater awareness or to a higher level of spirituality or greater level of freewill.

What is a path? A path is a philosophy or religion or a set of beliefs one uses to guide their decisions/actions/perceptions, so that they will live a ‘moral life’ (or live their life in accordance to their chosen set of principles or purpose). In potegp we describe this structure as one’s ‘Life Philosophy or Path’.

I’m using my own beliefs/structure (potegp) as an example of how a path structure can help you more clearly define and use your own beliefs as a guide or aid in living your life in accordance with your principles or according to your belief of your life’s purpose.

I believe that if you take some time to think about what your own life purpose is or what it should be, then you will find there is some general big picture thoughts but it is short on details or an actual plan in how to best live it.

I hope or rather I believe that using the structured approach that I’m describing as an example you will be able to formulate answers for those missing details.

And even if the structure doesn’t help you generate answers it can at least help you identify the questions you need to have answered so your life philosophy will have clear steps and goals.

When I gave the above reasoning to my friend on why I was writing this blog, his response was……. Okay that explains the blog…… but if your goal isn’t to teach people potegp then why, given your current condition, are you spending all the time and effort in building the potegp guidance center?

Well the answer to that question is a little more complicated, but first I guess I need to briefly explain my situation and current condition.

Basically I’m a walking cliché, you know the successful business man that wakes up one morning and realizes there has to be more to life than career and money, that there must be some higher purpose to life then 3d world success.

Well that morning for me was nine years ago, my search for a greater meaning of life led me to first stepping down from being ceo of a large group to just being the mentor to my replacement, thus freeing up time to pursue my quest for answers to the greater purpose of life. After much searching and many dead ends I meet my teacher, my guide, my mentor who introduced me to potegp.

I gave up most of my salary and reduced my 3d involvement to just part time advisor / consultant, basically walked away from the corporate world (as much as I could without making partners and employees feel I had totally abandoned them).

So just as I had transitioned to become the cliché of successful business man abandoning wealth and power to follow a more rewarding spiritual based life…….. I then became a double cliché…… you know the guy that the day after he finally straightens out his priorities or retires goes to the doctors for an annual physical and gets the diagnosis that he has an incurable condition……..

So my friend was alluding to my ‘final days’ being used to build a spiritual center rather than just sitting back and enjoying the fruits of my labor or spending all my time with my loving family or even just traveling or completing some bucket list……

So why am I building a spiritual center? Well for four reasons, first it’s in part fulfilling a promise I had made to my teacher/ mentor/ guide to pay his gift to me forward to other seekers.

Second is to fulfill my obligation to readers that my writings may generate in them more questions than actual answers, if my writings are responsible in causing them to now start searching for answers (become seekers) then I would have a karma debt/ obligation to at least provide what lessons I was given and giving the reality that I probably won’t be here to pay those lessons forward, the center would be the best solution to fulfill my obligation and provide the lessons.

Third, the center is a way to make the lessons available to friends and family that are not currently seekers but may become seekers after I’m not available.

And lastly I feel I owe my students, that I have mentored and helped to start on their path as their guide, as I might not be able to be there for their whole journey, the center will be there to help guide them on the rest of their path.

The next blog entry will start describing the structure and components of a religion or life philosophy….. or what a Path should be.

To be continued……..

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